Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our First Trip Away

The school year was quickly coming to a close and summer break was fast approaching. Josh and I had our very first weekend trip planned to getaway without Morgan! One of Josh's high school and college friends was getting married on May 1st, in Charleston, South Carolina. We thought this would be a great opportunity to have some adult time and make a weekend trip out of the event. To make the most of our trip we decided it would be best to fly and not waste time having to drive so far for just a short stay... so we booked our tickets and were set to go!

The week prior leading up to this weekend getaway, Josh and I had been doing some redecorating to our master bathroom. We had repainted the bathroom, had a new finish done to the counter tops, and laid new flooring. (All of course to help with the house being up for sale!) While we were working throughout the week I started feeling like I was coming down with the flu...I actually thought Oh, No! I hope that I do not have the swine flu, when we have such a great trip planned! So as the week progressed I started to get concerned about making the trip when I was not feeling so well. I was sharing with one of my friends at work how I was not feeling so well and she just bluntly stated, well maybe your pregnant, what I thought, no I am not! Well that stuck with me the rest of the day, so I decided maybe I just need to reassure myself that I am not pregnant and take a test, since of course we will be having a few adult beverages this weekend:) Well of course I decided not to worry Josh with any of this business because I was very confident that I was not pregnant, but to my sweet surprise...after taking the test it so quickly came back PREGNANT!!! What...I couldn't believe this...SHOCKED and SURPRISED were the only things I can say to describe my thoughts. After I let it set in for the rest of the day I wrapped the pregnancy test in a cute little bag and when Josh got home I told him I had gotten a gift for him to show him my love for him. He started to unwrap it and in a matter of time he knew exactly what it was...he just started laughing and said are you serious:) I thought, uh yeah honey, I can't make this one up! Needless to say we were and are so very excited for the soon to be added addition to our family.

Our weekend trip of course did not go according to plan, my lovely sickness, which we now knew was not swine flu continued to get worse each and everyday!

Here is Josh and I ready to go to the wedding in Charleston, and about 5-6 weeks pregnant! I think I look pretty darn good for feeling like I could throw up and I had to hide it from Josh's entire family that was with us for the wedding as well!


katie davis said...

congratulations! what exciting news. those are my favorite kinds of surprises=) random: i thought about you on august 31. that's your bday, right? for some reason i've never forgotten that! or the yummy wisconsin cheese soup we used to get from atlanta bread company from shaw pharmacy!

Erin said...

So exciting! :)